About Sit n' Stay Pet Services - dog walking, pet sitting, dog training

Our Difference

One of the big differences that sets us apart from our competition is that our Staff is Fully Insured, Bonded and Pet First Aid Trained.  We hire our staff as Employees, NOT Independent Contractors.  YES, it involves many more expenses and paperwork for us, but we think our clients are worth it!

Here’s why we do not hire our sitters and walkers as Independent Contractors (IC’s), these guidelines are determined by the IRS:

  1. We would not be able to instruct our sitters/walkers how to do their jobs. We feel this is important because we have policies in place to ensure customer satisfaction, the pets and clients safety, and the safety of our staff.
  2. We would not be able to provide any training for our sitters/walkers. Our staff goes through policy training, on the job training and pet first aid training before we even consider having them perform visits on their own.  As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, the owner wants to be able to pass important handling skills on to her staff.  In addition, we perform random quality checks to ensure consistent top notch service.
  3. An Independent Contractor is allowed to have someone else or an assistant perform their work. We ensure that all work performed is done only by a qualified, trained and insured pet sitter or dog walker that we have pre-approved, background checked and screened, and trained.  We don’t want substitutions, and we don’t think our clients do either.
  4. Independent Contractors should not be given steady work. We want our staff to work with us for many months and years to come and we want a consistent sitter/walker for your pet and household.
  5. SNS could not set the sitters/walkers work hours. Independent Contractors set their own work hours, and we feel it is important to have our staff work the hours that the pets need them the most, not let them dictate their own schedule.
  6. Independent Contractors should work for more than just one firm. We want our sitters and walkers loyal to not only SNS but our customers too.
  7. Independent Contractors should have their own businesses. IC’s should advertise their businesses to the general public as well and should have their own business cards, liability insurance, promotional materials, advertising, phone listing, etc.  This is a cost that we take on as a business and don’t want our sitters and walkers to have to take on also.
  8. Our employees- sitters, walkers and office staff, are covered by workers compensation and disability insurance (as well as liability insurance and bonding). Hopefully this will never be needed, but in the event something does happen, our staff is covered by our workers compensation and disability insurance.  As Independent Contractors, this coverage is not given and leaves the client vulnerable in case of an incident.

Because you cannot dictate to an IC how to perform their job or who does it, not only could you end up with a substitution but they can bring people with them to your home.  We CAN dictate who goes to your home.  It is only a fully trained employee who is not allowed to bring their friends, relatives, children or personal pets.

In addition, as legal staff members, we pay a portion of their employee taxes and contribute to their social security.  Our staff have all been employees since we opened our doors in 2002.  We hold regular staff meetings and training, continually update our education and employ new technology as it becomes available to make sure we provide the best service anywhere.