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Dog School


All of our School options are programs that provide a fun filled and well-rounded day of mental enrichment, formal training, play time, rest time, and real-world experiences. These programs are more customized and focused than group classes or daycare, and less stressful than a board & train program - your dog is home with you every night!

Enrollment in Dog School is open to most dogs, and is a great fit for dogs of any age. We find many dogs that did not fit well or were overwhelmed in a traditional dog daycare setting, love the structure and mental enrichment of our programs.

We have several different programs to fit your needs, depending on the age and needs of every dog!

Paw Icon  General Studies- for all dogs!

Cost: $36/day

Our dogs in the general studies programs will follow our Dog School schedule and will include activities such as general obedience, small group play (if appropriate), mental enrichment, treadmill exercise or many of our additional activities!

Paw Icon  Add Extra Curricular

Cost: $18/30 minutes

  • Field Trips & Outside Walks
  • Fitness & Fun- obstacle course, fitness balls, core exercises, 1-on-1 play with a trainer, trick training, etc

Paw Icon  HeadStart Basics- (Limited Space)

Cost: $1250 for 4 days/week- 4 weeks

Our Dog School program with a focus on covering all the basics for you! This program is perfect for those pet owners who recently acquired an older pup that has not yet learned the basics, or who own a pup that either never quite mastered all their skills or are out of practice.

Our HeadStart Basics is an exclusive and intensive program to help with all the following foundation skills:

  • Initial consultation ($110 value)
  • Classroom and real world training
  • 4 days per week in general studies full day program
  • 1 on 1 Training 4 days per week during Dog School with one of our Trainers
  • Parent- teacher conferences (*one per month during enrollment- 30 minute)
  • Access to our Members Only Facebook Group

Coming Soon! HeadStart Intensive (for tougher behavior problems)

Paw Icon  Puppy Prep School

For puppies 10 weeks to 9 months (Space is Limited!)

Puppies have special needs, so they need a special program. Our Puppy Nursery Program is designed and run by Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT) to specifically meet all the needs of your puppy. Because our puppies are all different and have all different needs at various socialization periods, each puppy must have their own customized program to meet these needs. We’ve got you!

As trainers, we know it can be overwhelming to properly socialize your puppy, work on grooming and handling, obedience, house training, real world situations and more! We’ve got you! Our programs cover that and more!

Packages run from 3-5 days per week and for 12-24 weeks. Call us today to get a copy of our Puppy Nursery Program Schedule and see what package works best for your new family member!

Puppy Nursery Program includes:

  • Initial consultation ($110 value)
  • Classroom and real world training
  • Group class ($130-170 value)
  • Parent- teacher conferences (1 on 1 training! *one per month- 30 minute)