Premier Dog Training Package

Join Us In Our Premier Dog Training Package!


This 4-month Program includes:
  • 5 in-person privates sessions (1st one up to 1.5 hours, remaining 4 are up to 45 minutes)
  • Behavioral Wellness Program (online course & workbook)
  • Online Classroom Portal with 2 six-week programs (may choose from the programs listed below)
  • Phone check in bi-weekly
  • Video review from client submission, as needed
  • Email and text support for duration of program
  • Access to private FB group

6-week programs to choose from:

  • Preparing for Baby!
  • Baby Comes Home!
  • Surviving Puppyhood
  • EveryDay Dogs
  • First Time Dog Owners
  • The Family Dog Program
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I know how much you LOVE your dog. But is your dog driving you crazy?


Your dog is probably not bad ALL the time.... but those moments that they are naughty can be SO frustrating, tough to deal with and can put a real strain on our relationships at home.

I get it. I've been there.

With our first dog, my husband wanted to give up on her. We were enrolled in training classes, but it just wasn't working. None of the training was working, which meant our life wasn't working. My dog's behavior problems continued, which were causing problems between us and everything was falling apart. In fact, the more I listened to the "experts", the worse it got. The breaking point was one night when my own dog almost bit me! That's when I figured it out.

There is no cookie cutter approach to dog training.

What works in my home won't necessarily work in yours. And what might work for one dog, doesn't work for another. One thing I knew for sure is that I would find a way to create peace in my home with dog-friendly methods that would never hurt my dog. And I did just that.


Over the last 20 years and several wonderful dogs later, we never had problems like that again. It wasn't the dog, it was the process we used that was broken.

Now, I LOVE teaching what I now know to my clients. My mission is to create PEACE and HARMONY in their households with dog-friendly methods and to ensure that they don't have to endure the frustration and heartache that I did.


I can't wait to help you create that harmony in your household with your canine family members using our Premier Dog Training Package!

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