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Kim Sauer - Dog Training

Kim Sauer, CPDT-KA, PTI

Kim Sauer's fascination with dog training took off in 1997 when she started assisting a local trainer in exchange for helping her with her own aggressive dog. Her interest grew as she learned how much she loved working with animals and enjoyed seeing the transformation in both the dogs and the owners. Kim first earned her certificate from Animal Behavior College in January 2002 becoming an ABC Certified Dog Trainer and then later became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) in March of 2006. She is also an AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and AKC STAR Puppy Evaluator. After several years of experience, Kim became an ABC Mentor Trainer and also a CATCH Dog Training Program Mentor Trainer and is now helping others to realize their dream of becoming a dog trainers! Kim became a PetTech Pet First Aid Instructor back in 2006 and in 2012 became a Mentor Trainer with PetTech, helping others to become PetTech Instructors as well.

Kim's specialty is working with families owning pets who plan to bring a baby into the household. She was the Trainer for Erie County's SPCA Baby Ready Pets Program for 7 years, the Erie County's SPCA Teaching Love and Compassion Program (TLC) to inner city at-risk youth program for 5 years, the Erie County's SPCA Paws for Love Therapy Dog Program Evaluator for several years is a current Licensed Educator for the Dogs & Storks Program and the Dog and Toddlers Program, which are programs from Family Paws which are for households with dogs who are expecting to families with children up to 3 years.

Kim has had the privilege to learn from many great instructors both locally and internationally, and attends seminars and workshops to continue learning. Kim credits most of her education to her own dogs - Blaze, Nigel, Greta, Coop and the many cats and sugar gliders she has shared her home with. Kim believes that every animal (and human), comes into your life to teach you something, even if you don't think you want to know more about that topic! Kim offers group classes, private lessons, behavior consults and training, pet first aid programs, dog bite preventions, education programs and many packages including online and Skype meetings.

Vicki Eberle, CPDT-KA

Vicki Eberle - dog training Buffalo NY

Vicki’s passion for training developed in 2008 when she welcomed a Maltese puppy named Mojo into her family. Including her daughter in his training she hoped to help her gain confidence while learning compassion and responsibility. With a determination to learn as much as possible to also help others she became a Certified Dog Trainer when she received her certification with Honors through Animal Behavior College, which offers a nationally-recognized certification program in dog training. As part of her externship through ABC with ABC Mentor Trainer, Kim Sauer, she began assisting Kim with classes offered through The Family Companion. Upon graduation, Kim brought her on staff as a trainer at Sit n' Stay Pet Services. Through further studies with Family Paws she became a Licensed Presenter for the Dogs & Storks and Dogs & Toddlers programs. She is also trained in Pet First Aid, CPR & Care through Pet Tech. She achieved her CPDT-KA certification in 2016. Vicki strives to help each parent discover and embrace their pet’s authentic self by educating them from the pet’s perspective. She offers private, in-home consults and training for cats and dogs. She also specializes in family services as a Licensed Educator of Family Paws by instructing our Dogs & Storks and Dogs & Toddlers programs.

At the age of 16, Vicki found her first dog, a Norwegian Elkhound she named Mandy. Mandy passed in 2000, and she went 8 years with no pets until 2008 when Mojo entered her life. Now her home is bursting at the seams! In addition to her 10 year old Maltese named Mojo she has an 8 year old Maltese mix named Molly. Her home is also blessed to have 5 cats named Blueberry, Daisy, Jamboree, Ron and Minerva (Mini) and a foster dog named Katie who needs a home! It isn't unusual to find a stray cat (or a litter of kittens!) also sharing her home. There is nothing better than real life experience in learning!

Dave Alfano

David’s journey into dog obedience training began With training his two-year-old misbehaving pup, Marley. Some of his family and close friends were impressed enough with the results that they asked him to work with their dogs. From here, David developed a passion for bringing the best out of every dog.

He has continued that passion under the tutelage of Kim Sauer and is preparing to earn his CPDT credentials.

Melissa Staniszewski

Melissa is one of our Dog Trainers as well as a Pet Sitter, certified in Dog Training through Animal Behavior College. She has an 11 year old little girl, whom she has passed on her love of animals. Melissa says, "We have 4 dogs, 4 cats and 2 birds that make our home very happy and full of laughs and love!

Melissa teaches classes weekly and also does private lessons. She says,"I really enjoy being able to help owners not only train their dogs, but also to help them understand how the training works and why!” Melissa is also a volunteer for Buddy’s Second Chance Rescue, and has worked with many rescue dogs, helping the new owners understand what to expect while the dogs are decompressing, and further helping with any behavior/manner issues. Not knowing the rescue dogs past can be a challenge, but Melissa reassures them that with consistent training, many great things are possible!

Melissa shares, “In addition, Pet Sitting and Dog Walking allows me to meet so many people and their animals, which makes me look forward to work everyday! I know how important it is to be able to trust the safety and well being of a pet to someone, and being that person makes my job the best! I treat every animal I meet like they were my own! It doesn't get any better than spending my days with so many great animals!”


Tiffany Aquino- CPDT-KA

Tiffany found her way in to the animal field in 2010 and since then has worked in dog daycares, veterinary hospitals, a wildlife rehabilitation center and grooming salons. In 2013 she graduated from Animal Behavior College with a certificate in dog training, and in 2016 she earned her CPDT-KA certification.

She has a German Shepherd Lab mix named Murphy and two cats, Gemini and Cleo. In her spare time she can be found hiking with her dog and teaching him new tricks!