About Sit n' Stay Pet Services - dog walking, pet sitting, dog training


Perfect part time work for pet lovers!

If interested in a position, please read all of this information carefully! Serious inquiries only.


We are a full service in-home pet sitting company with over 1200 clients in the Western New York area. 

We provide three types of services:

  1. In-home pet sitting: for clients on vacation, we visit their home 1-4 times per day to walk and feed their pets
  2. Midday dog walking: one visit in the middle of the day, Monday through Friday, to visit and walk dogs while their owners are at work
  3. Overnight stays: we stay overnight in the client’s home with pets whose owners don’t want them alone overnight

Prospective candidates

Are you looking for a job that will be fun, rewarding, and put extra money in your pocket? Pet sitting might be right for you. But it takes much more than a love of animals to be a pet sitter for Sit n' Stay!

Our sitters are reliable, dependable, and are able to see a project through to completion. Our clients rely on us to care for their pets and home when they can’t be there, and we must hire sitters who take this job seriously.

Candidates must commit to a minimum of six months employment; if you are anticipating a move out of the area, are planning to go back to school, or will be seeking a full time job soon, this probably is not the job for you. We want sitters committed to the job, who see it as a long-term option for income.

As we work when our clients need us, we do not offer typical job “shifts”. You will not be working a 4-8 hour shift on set days. You will perform 30 minute visits as designated by each client, and thus you must be available when the client needs. We cannot offer a set number of hours per week; minimum availability is listed below each job description below.

We service most of the Western New York area. When a new client calls, we decide which sitter would be most appropriate for the job, and assign the job them. If that ends up being you, you become their ongoing sitter, and you will be called each time they rebook. With midday dog walking clients, we try keep you in a 10-15 mile radius from your home, and you will visit the same clients in your route. You must live in or near the area we need service.

All positions have these requirements:

  • you have an insured and reliable car and a valid driver’s license
  • you can pass a criminal background check and reference checks
  • you have home internet access, a cell phone and a printer
  • you must be at least 21 years old
  • you can commit to working with Sit ‘n Stay for at least the next 6 months

Sit n' Stay is currently hiring for the following part time positions:


Apply if you are able to spend the night in the clients home with their pets. 

Requirements for the overnight pet sitter position:

  • you absolutely love animals and know how to care for them properly
  • you are available for both short term sits (1 or 2 nights at a time) and long term sits (up to 3 weeks at a time)
  • you are neat, tidy, and respectful 
  • available to work holidays and weekends
  • must be available for consecutive days for overnight visits


This is a part-time, “supplemental income” type of job to start (2-5 walks per week with more walks possible as business increases).

Requirements for the mid-day dog walking position:

  • you must be available between the midday hours of 10:00 am - 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday
  • you love dogs and are familiar with at least several collar and harness types
  • you live within Erie or Niagara Counties 



This is a part-time, “supplemental income” type of job to start (assignments will be given as work is available).

Visits are 30 minutes in length, 1-4 times per day for both short term sits (1 or 2 nights at a time) and long term sits (up to 3 weeks at a time). Visits for dogs in the morning are 6:00 - 9:00 am, midday visits vary from 12:00 - 5:00 pm and evening are 7:00 - 10:00 pm. Cat and small animal visits are usually more flexible. 

Requirements for the pet sitter position:

  • you love all kinds, types, and sizes of animals
  • you live in Erie or Niagara Counties 
  • you are available for both morning and evening visits every day of the week
  • you are available to work holidays and weekends



The Ideal Candidate:

  • has flexibility in their schedule
  • does not require steady work
  • is comfortable around all types, sizes, and breeds of animals
  • has the physical ability to get down on the floor with the pets, walk them, and exercise them
  • great organizational skills 
  • the ability to work independently
  • good time management skills
  • good communication skills
  • is able to drive and walk in all kinds of weather conditions

Please note: If you have children, they will not be allowed to accompany you on visits. In addition, family, friends, and personal pets are also not allowed to accompany you on visits.


Thank you for your interest, click here to apply

Either in your application or in a separate email (sent to [email protected]), tell us about your animal experience, your experience giving medications, and any other information that would be helpful in considering you.

Please do not send us your resume without sending your application. We will only be considering candidates who fill out an employment application packet.